About John


Appreciate where you are in your journey, even if it's not where you want to be.  Every season serves a purpose.


John has a personal goal in his life and work to help others achieve what they never thought possible. This desire comes from so many who have given and poured into him throughout his life for which he is eternally grateful. 

As an athlete John loves anything with a scoreboard and an opportunity to compete. From the time he was young he was active in all sports and through high school would eventually narrow the focus to golf, basketball and football. He would go on to continue his football career at Bethel University (St Paul, MN) where he was part of several NCAA DIII playoff teams and worked to develop the coaching foundation he would eventually use with his own teams. John remains a golf fanatic (and plays as much as possible) as well as anything outdoors with his wife Hannah and their two dogs (Nala and Zazu). 

Professionally John has a broad spectrum of experiences working in non-profit, education, government, private sector and coaching.  He holds Mental Health Professional (LICSW and LCSW) licenses in Minnesota and Montana in addition to being a Certified Mental Coach (CMC). John has experience coaching or consulting on the mental side of performance with elite snow sport athletes training for the Olympics and the X Games as well as athletes, coaches, and parents in multiple sports (football, basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse, snowboarding, skiing).

John has come to fully embrace a statement we talked about often on the Eyes Up Mindset Podcast ( which he co-hosts weekly that “Performance is Performance” and the importance of mindset and mental skills apply to each one of our lives. No matter what walk of life, what profession, or what sport John would like to partner with you and join your journey to improve daily and to LIVE EYES UP!